Exciting plans for our education garden this year.
As most of you know our favorite pigs our “Oxford Sandy & Black”, OSB’s are one of the oldest British pig breeds and have existed for 200 to 300 years.
Years ago these wonderful pigs would have had a dual role. Not just for the table but to work the land, clearing woodlands and ploughing fields, before any form of machime was invented. They also add fertility to the soil. This breed makes such light work of rooting and ploughing, (well it’s what pigs do best) it’s a natural way of farming, environmentally friendly as no machine is needed to turn over the soil, as well as adding structure, nutirents and energy to the ground making it ready to plant crops in.
We have just moved 3 large pig enclosures, and sticking to tradition that area will become our new Education garden, along with our already established one. It’s perfectly rooted and fertile soil will grow hopefully lots of wonderful seasonal vegetables that we can sell in our farm shop. If people would like to help in our education garden and lean where food comes from i will be posting dates to follow.
We are proud to have our CEVAS accreditation.
CEVAS stands for Countryside Educational Visits Accreditation Scheme. A nationally recognised accreditation, for farms/persons who run educational projects and visits.